The application period for applications to the AMIR Erasmus Mundus Master Programme (2024-2026) will be open from Monday 2nd October, until Sunday 10th December at 11:59 p.m. (Central European Summer Time).

A Call for Application only for applicants from the  European Commission Western Balkans Region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro only) as the Programme provides additional scholarships for applicants coming from this region, will be open from 18/12/2023 until 18/02/2024.

A Call for Application only for European Candidates is opened from 21/12/2023 until 31/01/2024. 

AMIR EM Summer school

Boosting Careers in Materials Recycling & Innovation through Networking

The AMIR-EM summer schools aim at facilitating the insertion and career progression of AMIR-EM students and young professionals into the market of materials recycling and innovation as well as related ecosystems through a list of complementary tools such as alumni interaction and speed-dating with companies provided by the summer schools. These events will allow for intensive networking among industry, start-ups, incubators, young professionals having obtained the AMIR-EM master diploma and AMIR-EM students. 

Expanding Knowledge and Opportunities : Summer Schools’ Contribution to Raw Materials Innovation & Alumni Networking

The summer schools will widen the domain of knowledge and skills by offering additional pedagogical contents on industrial and economic intelligence and providing other complementary tools for better insertion in the market of raw materials innovation. Gathering cohorts at different stages of their training and professional experience will foster the confrontation of ideas as function of needs and experiences. In addition, the summer schools content includes a graduation ceremony and a matchmaking meeting with industrial partners, start-ups, incubators. All is done to open a window of opportunities for the students as well as to potential recruiters. This will be accompanied by the creation and consolidation of an international AMIR-EM alumni network to make a student association become alive.

Photos & video credits : Roger Savry, Onepix


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