The application period for applications to the AMIR Erasmus Mundus Master Programme (2024-2026) will be open from Monday 2nd October, until Sunday 10th December at 11:59 p.m. (Central European Summer Time).

A Call for Application only for applicants from the  European Commission Western Balkans Region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro only) as the Programme provides additional scholarships for applicants coming from this region, will be open from 18/12/2023 until 18/02/2024.

A Call for Application only for European Candidates is opened from 21/12/2023 until 31/01/2024. 

AMIR EM Master Program

Discover AMIR EM Master Program

The strengths of the programme

An important strength of the programme is the complementarity of partners in terms of their expertise. This applies to both academic and industry partners, and it is one of the main attractions for prospective students. Multidisciplinarity is thereby built in the consortium and curriculum.

First-year choices: Advanced materials, Clean technology and Polymers

For the first year, students can choose between UBx, UNL and UM. While UBx courses focus on Advanced Materials Sciences and Sustainability, UM focusses on recycling processes in polymers and composites, and UNL teaches courses on Advanced Materials Engineering and Clean Tech. That means students can choose between a more materials and sustainability science orientated studies in Bordeaux, a specialisation on polymers in Miskolc, or a stronger engineering and technology focus in Lisbon. UM’s focus on polymer recycling is unique worldwide and a real asset to AMIR-EM’s comprehensive academic approach.

Third semester options: Metallurgy, Design for recycling, and Circular economy

For the third semester students can choose among UPM, TUDa and ULiège. Courses in Liège will focus on metals recycling, while Darmstadt specialises in the design for recycling of functional materials, and Madrid on minerals and building materials recycling in the context of the circular economy.


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