The application period for applications to the AMIR Erasmus Mundus Master Programme (2024-2026) will be open from Monday 2nd October, until Sunday 10th December at 11:59 p.m. (Central European Summer Time).

A Call for Application only for applicants from the  European Commission Western Balkans Region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro only) as the Programme provides additional scholarships for applicants coming from this region, will be open from 18/12/2023 until 18/02/2024.

A Call for Application only for European Candidates is opened from 21/12/2023 until 31/01/2024. 

Master thesis

AMIR-EM Master Thesis: Sustainability, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in Interdisciplinary European Mobility Programs

The Master thesis in the fourth semester can be done in any of the six AMIR-EM partner universities; however, it will be done under the supervision of the M2 host university and defended there. In all tracks, students will obtain transversal knowledge to achieve overarching learning outcomes (OLO) related to sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship; these will be partly taught as joint activities. The AMIR-EM tracks have been designed to facilitate and promote not only interdisciplinary knowledge and an entrepreneurial mindset, but also North-South and West-East mobility across Europe.


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